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Aous Karoui

PhD Candidate
October 2017
December 2016
Karoui, A., Marfisi-Schottman, I., & George, S. (2016). Mobile Learning Game Authoring Tools:
Assessment, Synthesis and Proposals. In Games and Learning Alliance (pp. 281-291). Springer International Publishing, FullPaper
September 2016
Marfisi-Schottman, I., Gicquel, P. Y., Karoui, A., & George, S. (2016, September). From Idea to Reality: Extensive and Executable Modeling Language for Mobile Learning Games. In European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (pp. 428-433). Springer International Publishing
Karoui A, Marfisi-Schottman I, George S.  Towards an Efficient Mobile Learning Games Design Model. European Conference on Game Based Learning, ECGBL, Steinkjer(Norway), 8-9 October 2015 , FullPaper
October 2015
June 2015
Steinkjer (Norway)
Agadir (Morocco)
Karoui A, Marfisi-Schottman I, George S.  Éléments pour la conception de Jeux Éducatifs sur Mobile. Environnements Informatiques pour l’Apprentissage Humain, EIAH, Agadir(Maroc),
p.312-323, 2-5 June  2015, FullPaper
Karoui, A., Marfisi-Schottman, I., & George, S. (2017). A Nested Design Approach for Mobile Learning Game Design. In mLearn 2017, in Press

Lyon (France)
Utrecht (Netherlands)
Larnaca (Cyprus)
2016 – 2017
IUT Laval (Department of Computer Science)
 Tdm/TP, DUT INFO1, Introduction aux algorithmes et initiation à la
programmation (Programmation JAVA sur des Robots LegoMindstrom)
2015 – 2016
2014 – 2015
Tdm, DUT INFO1, Structures de données et algorithmes fondamentaux (Module de la complexité algorithmique)
IUT Laval (Department of Computer Science)
IUT Laval (Department of Computer Science)
- Tdm, DUT INFO1, Structures de données et algorithmes fondamentaux    
  (Module de la complexité algorithmique)

- Tdm, DUT INFO2, Administration de bases de données avancées
  (SQL Server)
During my Phd, I developped JEM iNVENTOR for Mobile Learning Games.

JEM iNVENTOR includes the acronym JEM (Jeux Éducatif Mobile), which means Mobile Learning Game in French.
I kept the word “inventor” to refer to MIT App Inventor 2, the authoring tool that I choose to build on.

During my PhD, JEM iNVENTOR has been evaluated with more than 20 teacher and provided MLG for more than 1000 students from different french establishemnts.
Indded, JEM iNVENTOR is a platform built on MIT App Inventor 2 which offers a different interface with three conceptual levels.

JEM iNVENTOR is currently deployed on Google Appengine service and source code is available on Github.
To learn about samples of MLG made by JEM iNVENTOR
My research interests are in the domain of TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) and, in particular, Mobile Learning Games.

During my PhD, I have been working on solutions to help teachers, without technical background or game-design experience, to design their custom MLGs for educational fieldtrips.

For this purpose, I designed and developed JEM iNVENTOR, an authoring tool based on a nested design approach to help teachers create their MLGs and deploy then on Android devices.

So far, my research has lead me to work both on computer sciences and educational sciences.However, for my future research, I want to explore neuroscience theories of learning. 
Indeed, I am looking for opportunities to exploit the concepts of neuroscience, such as Brain-Computer Interfaces, in order to combine them with games for education.
To watch a scence from a MLG made by JEM iNVENTOR
To watch a short video tutorial of JEM iNVENTOR

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