Frederic Piat

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EMOTION RECOGNITION with Neural Networks

Happy Sad Disgusted Scared Surprised

From our database for an emotion recognition system for the PHYSTA project.

I am currently Maitre de conférences at the engineering school ENSIM, part of the Université du Maine in Le Mans.

Before that, I taught at the Jean Monnet St Etienne University in the EURISE team teaching C Language, Systems Architecture and Human-Computer Interaction.
I was formerly a Post-Doc researcher at the University Paris 6 Pierre et Marie Curie lab of Artificial Intelligence LIP6 . In partnership with the companies Montparnasse Multimedia (editors of the famous "Louvres" CD-ROM) and JCS, the goal of the project is to model internet users' behaviours for on-line adaptation (customization) of www documents and hypermedias.
I held a European TMR (Training and Mobility of Researchers) Post-Doc position at the National Technical University of Athens to work on the PHYSTA project, aiming at the development of an emotion recognition system based on image analysis of facial expressions and on speech analysis.
I defended my dissertation in November 1998 for a PhD in Human Development and Communication Sciences at the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD). I received a M.S. in Computer Sciences from the University of Burgundy in Dijon in 1991, a DEA in Artificial Intelligence and production sciences from the University of Besancon in 1992 and a M.S. in Applied Cognition and Neuroscience from UTD in 1998.


ARTIST: Adaptive Resonance Theory for the Internalization of the Structure of Tonality (a neural net listening to music) ABSTRACT
The whole thesis artist.pdf

Here is a peek at ARTIST's guts, collapsed across the 6 octaves and ordered by decreasing correlation with the C Major tone profile (Krumhansl 1990):
ARTIST's synaptic weights




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