Who am I ?

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My name is Vivien Denis. I graduated from INSA Lyon (Mechanical Engineering Design branch) and obtained a PhD in acoustics, at the Laboratory of Acoustics of the University of Le Mans (LAUM), in France. Currently I'm a postdoctoral researcher working on the Acoustic Black Hole effect, which is a strategy of vibration damping in thin structures.


My PdD work was about the so-called Acoustic Black Hole (ABH) effect, used in the context of passive vibration damping. Vibration damping is a major concern in today's engineering structures, and it is also important to keep an eye on the weight aspect. The Acoustic Black Hole effect aims to be both passive and light. It is based on the idea that flexural wave speed and wave length are related to the thickness in a thin medium (plates, beams). A theoretical work predict that a wave can propagate infinitely without being reflected in a medium whose thickness decreases to zero with a power-law profile, at least quadratic (Mironov, Soviet Physics: Acoustics 34, 1988). The practical realisation is always of non-zero thickness at the end, nevertheless a condition of low reflection for an incident wave can be obtained adding a small piece of damping material to the power-law profile, as shown in Krylov, 2004.

ABH profile

The research focused on two axes : what is the effect of the such a termination on the whole structure, and what about the reflective properties of a practical termination, which always exhibits imperfections ? The first question is answered doing experimental and numerical modal analysis of a simple one-dimensional structure with an ABH termination. It shows an increase of the modal density, the modal loss factor and the modal overlap factor of the whole structure, a localization of the energy in the termination and an intrinsic plate behavior at the extremity. To answer the second question, we measure reflection coefficients and model an imperfectly made extremity.

I recently defended my PhD thesis. Here are the manuscript and the presentation. A not-so-recently-made poster about this work can be found here and conferences acts and papers are given below.

My current post-doc focuses on nonlinearities in the ABH extremity.

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Teaching can be one of the task assigned to PhD students. I was a teaching assistant in the engineering school ENSIM. From 2011 to 2015, I gave tutorials in vibro-acoustics and tutorials and practical work in engineering design, which was my main interest in INSA Lyon.

Other interests

My other interests are mainly music and bikes. I play the clarinet (at Fanfare Takasouffler), the accordion and I conduct the ENSIM'phonic orchestra (every tuesday evening, C05, ENSIM !). I'm also fond of bicycles and their simple yet interesting mechanics.


My office is in the engineering school ENSIM. Feel free to write me an email.

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