Nonlinear waves and Acoustics 

T. Devaux, A. Cebrecos, O. Richoux, V. Pagneux, V. Tournat, Acoustic radiation pressure for nonreciprocal transmission and switch effects, Nature Communications 10:3292 (2019). RG PDF Supp. Mat.  

Press releases on these results: 


Le Mans Université 


Research Prof. at CNRS 

Directeur de recherche au CNRS 

My research combines theoretical, computational and experimental methods for the study of nonlinear elastic and acoustic waves in materials and metamaterials. I look for a deeper insight into nonlinear wave processes in general, and seek to reveal new wave effects, or peculiar material properties... Applications range from nonlinear wave control by metamaterials (diode effect, absorption, mitigation...), to the characterization of materials by elastic waves and laser-generated ultrasonics. To learn more about my research projects, please go to the Research section.

Recent publications 

M. Malléjac, A. Merkel, J. Sanchez-Dehesa, J. Christensen, V. Tournat, J.-P. Groby, V. Romero-Garcia,  

Zero-phase propagation in realistic plate-type acoustic metamaterials, Appl. Phys. Lett. 115, 134101 (2019). PDF RG (Editors' pick) 


Research Scientist at CNRS, 2004-present 


PI of École Universitaire de Recherche "Institut d'Acoustique - Graduate School" 

✔ Elected member of section 9 of CoNRS 2016-2021 

✔ In charge of the international Master "Wave Physics & Acoustics" 

✔ Leader of the team “Acoustics and Mechanics of Complex Materials”  

   (one of the three research teams of the Laboratory LAUM). 

✔ Associate Editor for Acta Acustica and Applied Sciences. 


✔ Leader of the research group “Acoustics of granular media” (2004-2009). 

✔ Member of CNU (Conseil National des Universités) section 60, 2007-2011. 



2016: Invited research scientist at Harvard University 

Bertoldi's Group, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), Harvard University 

Cambridge 02138, MA, USA 


2009: Habilitation thesis (HDR) 

“Nonlinear acoustics of granular media and other complex solids” 

Jury: Mathias Fink, Walter Lauriks, Paul A. Johnson, François Coulouvrat, Renaud Delaunay, Michel Bruneau, Vitalyi Gusev, Bernard Castagnède. 


2004: Post-doctoral fellow at Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan  

JSPS fellow (Japan Society for the promotion of Science) 

Applied Solid State Physics Laboratory, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Applied Physics (Prof. O. B. Wright & Prof. O. Matsuda). 

Laser picosecond ultrasonics, Ultrafast surface acoustic wave imaging 


2003: Ph. D thesis in Nonlinear Acoustics 

Laboratory of Acoustics at University of Maine, UMR CNRS 6613 

"Nonlinear acoustic self-demodulation process in granular media : theories and experiments" 

Supervision by V.E. Gusev and B. Castagnède 

Jury: Bernard Hosten, Daniel Royer, Xiaoping Jia, Frédéric Patat, Eric Pleska, Bernard Castagnède, Vitalyi Gusev. 


2000: Master's Degree 

Acoustics, Université du Maine, Le Mans, France 

Mention Très Bien, Title of the research project: "Multiple scattering of acoustic waves: effective medium theories" 

B. Deng, L. Chen, D. Wei, V. Tournat, K. Bertoldi, Pulse-driven robot: Motion via solitary waves, Science Advances 6 : eaaz1166  (2020). PDF RG 

L. Jin, R. Khajehtourian, J. Mueller, A. Rafsanjani, V. Tournat, K. Bertoldi, D. M. Kochmann, Guided transition waves in multistable mechanical metamaterials, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 201913228 (2020). PDF RG Movies